Bhasha Dam has been declared as vital as N-Plan by Federal Minister for Planning and Development, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal as reported in a section of National English Press (The Dawn City of 06-11-13). It has been stated that if this dam is not built in next 10 years we would have a serious water crisis and people would even forget power crisis.

However KBD is even more vital for Pakistan as it would require much less than 10 years and it would have better prospects for water storage as also for power generation. Water at Bhasha Dam site is 45 MAF and at KBD site is 90 MAF due to confluence of Kabul, Swat and Soan Rivers which are also fed by rain water in addition to glacier water. It is estimated that our glacier would melt by year 2035, i.e., in another 22 years time as stated by Federal Minister of Science and Technology in a conference. If Bhasha Dam is completed by 2023 it would hold water only for 12 years. Would it be wise to build the dam for only 12 years use at a cost of 14 billion US dollar? The Federal Minister for Planning and Development ought to consider the scale, water storage and useful age of Bhasha Dam before declaring it as vital for us in comparison with KBD.


Lahore, November 7.