The date of retirement of Gen. Kiyani – November 28th - is fast approaching and many a pseudo “expert” is airing his views, analyses and even recommendations for his successor. A private TV channel gave the news this evening that the PM will himself announce the name of the next COAS soon. I sincerely pray and wish that the upper most consideration in the mind of the PM for selecting the COAS would be nothing else but sheer merit.

He should, therefore, select the most professional soldier commander enjoying the best confidence of his men. Such a commander will not only be good for the army but also for the country and the government in power too. Fortunately, the democracy ably aided by the higher judiciary has entrenched itself during the past five and half years to the extent that no Bonaparte dare indulge in any adventurism in future. Hence, keeping all such fears away, the PM should select the best irrespective of his seniority.


Rawalpindi, November 8.