Pakistan along with its envious strategic location and overabundance of natural resources, possesses another exceedingly important resource, a resource that is oozing with power and determination and overflowing with ambitions to make Pakistan a better place, that is our youth! Today we are living in the shadows of suicide attacks and target killings and the country is in a complete state of chaos. Everyone is depressed due to the sorry state of affairs. Through all this our youth is working tirelessly to create hope, to bring solutions for the problems which are creating a bad global image of Pakistan.

They are actively involved in NGOs, some are working as doctors, engineers, chemists, economists etc. and are also involved in many other occupations which constitutes as a whole in bringing glory to the nation. Youth has miraculous capabilities, which if availed can help attain a course of success, prosperity and progress because, as it is said, youth are the nation builder.


Karachi, September 27.