a difference of opinion

S:     Look at him. The mighty dictator, the SSG commando, all too weak and frail to face the courts, hiding behind excuses kids give for missing school.

A:     It is a pitiful sight indeed. But I don't know why we're wasting our time. Wouldn't it better if we just let him go? Let him become a part of our sorry past?

S:     Excuse me? Let him go? He violated his solemn oath to protect the constitution, the one they take in PMA as their friends and families cheer from the stands. He overthrew an elected government, ruled for a decade on his own whims, took decisions, which meant life and death for others, and under what authority? He had no right to do any of that. I'm in half a mind to let him hang.

A:     I’m just not too sure how he’s still relevant. He’s not in power anymore. It is highly unlikely he will ever return to it. And what about the khakis? You know how they feel about this. In case you don’t know, they hate it! Why infuriate them over nothing? Democracy has come back, and it’s weak and fragile. Do you know what happens when weak objects collide against hard objects? Take a guess.

    You are the one who was convinced that the sit-ins were a ploy by the military to rebalance power after the Musharraff trial, yet you still advocate this?

S:     But Ameen, can you not see how our reality, the one you point towards to warn me, will always remain the same if we don’t hold people like Musharraff accountable? How will we ever break away from our past? I realize it will irk the military. I also realize it may harm democracy. But there is no way around it. These are tough decision that simply cannot be avoided. We have suffered enough for taking the easy way out. No more impunity for them.

A:     Even if I agreed with all of that, why Musharraff alone?

S:     Because Ameen, if we get Musharraf, we’ll get them all. If we let him go, they all go.