Pakistan is a developing country and its economy mostly relies on agriculture. Although it consists of different industries but due to lack of power generation there is a slow pace for industries to grow. The electricity demand all across the country is approximately 18000 MW and our generation is 14000 MW which is a serious blow to the industrial sector. It is a dilemma that we never learn from the past. The severe floods that we have received were predictable. We have no reservoirs or irrigation system to save this surplus water, due to which we are facing such heavy floods. The capacity of Head Trimmu is 650,000 cusecs while it is expected to receive about 832,000 cu secs of water from the Chenab River and 525,000 cu secs from the Jhelum River. Rain is never a disaster but our irresponsible attitude turns it into a disaster. If we would have learned from our past mistakes and built some reservoir or dams, this water would have been a blessing. It’s time to show a little concern towards this issue and make proper plans to utilize and store flood water so that we can save it for our benefit in the future.


Karachi, September 16.