After your second marriage failure, many thoughtful Pakistani’s and your supporters are wondering about your capability to manage personal and political matters. Already, you have compromised on a number of your commitments and promises made with the people who blindly followed and trusted you, that you will change the prevalent political status quo. But you have ignored those who were committed to the PTI political ideology, where its seems you are also becoming a protector of present rotten political system and depending on Lotas and burnout politicians .

This is one of the reasons that you are not able to defect the status quo protectors forces. Although marriage was your personal matter but you must be knowing that a public leader is all the time under the microscope of the media and he or she does not have the liberty to enjoy a personal life , like a common man .It is time that you gave serious thought about the timing of taking personal or political important decisions, because it do effects yours followers feelings and thoughts. There are millions are people having high expectations from you .I hope you will not disappoint them and will learn from your past mistakes. Lasty I would suggest that you depend on young generation rather on old wasted lot.


Lahore, November 2.