I approached the State Bank of Pakistan to collect prize (Bahawalpur Draw of May 15, 2007) on my Rs.15,000 bond number F838575. The State Bank regretted to give away the prize money on plea that the bond won the prize while it was lying, un-issued to any individual, in SBP coffers. The SBP is a body corporate. How could it keep the prize money to itself when it had not bought the money? The SBP might have devoured prizes to the tune of millions of rupees on several such bonds, lying un-issued in SBP vaults. The Supreme Court should take notice: Can the SBP compete in draws without buying the bonds? Can the staff in private banks and national saving centres take advantage of such dormant competitor bonds? Why aren’t only the sold out bonds in competition for prizes.


Rawalpindi, October 29.