One always comes across countless things through the length and breadth of this country to gripe about—be it corruption, criminalization, pollution, inflated utility bills, traffic jams, road mishaps, and protection of the proverbial square peg in a round hole, difficulties with family, increasing rate of divorces, lust for additional material possessions, ill health, among others. Never before in the history of this country, has this land shown this horrible characteristic as it does today.

Whenever I have an opportunity to travel to different parts of Pakistan, in particular, my Sindh province, I see hundreds of thousands of people in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness and in want of all basic things. These chronic problems have crippled them physically, destroyed them intellectually and shattered them emotionally. For a loaf of bread, they can do anything, what to speak of casting votes to the hardened criminals and war lords/ tribal chieftains.

Like many others, I encounter people of all age groups and gender complaining, murmuring and a vast majority sulking in silence, but who cares in this country where rulers are proud, arrogant and ungrateful. Selfishness is sweeping them and they are unwilling to do anything for the people.


Islamabad, November 3.