KAMALIA - A British citizen of Pakistani origin is planning building mausoleum in Kamalia for Ch Rehmat Ali to bring back his dead body.

British citizen Sarwar Noor, who belongs to Kamalia, has filed a case in a UK court to bring back the dead body of Ch Rehmat Ali, who is credited with creating the name “Pakistan.” Talking to this correspondent, Sarwar Noor said that Ch Rehmat Ali had died in the Britain but his body could never be returned to Pakistan, even after creation of the country.

He said that it is his earnest wish to bring back the dead body of Ch Rehmat Ali to Kamalia for a proper and dignified burial. Mr Noor informed that the British court has sought documents of the burial location and details about the arrangements for carrying the remains of Ch Rehmat through an airline. He regretted that national airline PIA has declined to extend any cooperation in this regard, hence some other airline has been contacted for the purpose.

He explained that he had been trying since long for the acquisition of a suitable location for a dignified and befitting burial of the national hero, adding that now the Kamalia Municipality chairman has issued him an NoC letter for a piece of land situated on Muhammad Shah Road in Kamalia.

Sarwar Noor expressed his optimism that the case in UK court is underway at brisk pace and soon he would be able to bring back the remains of Ch Rehmat Ali to Pakistan. “Insha Allah we will perform build a grand mausoleum befitting this national hero at Kamalia,” he pledged.