The former foreign minister during Benazir tenure Sardar Asif Ali has rejoined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and lauded the PTI chairman role for elimination of corruption.

The disgruntle PTI leader, who was once PPP leader, Sardar Asif Ali removing his reservation rejoined party after meeting with Imran Khan at former residence.

“I am glad to see Imran at my residence as I was part of PTI 4 years ago and now once again joined the PTI,” Asif Ali said on the occasion.

Lauding PTI chief's efforts, he said that Imran was playing vital role in elimination of corruption from the county as he has protected the Pakistan from looters.

He lashed out Nawaz Sharif and said that Sharif brother’s real place was in Adyala Jail.

Talking on the occasion, PTI Chairman Imran Khan alleged that the rulers wealth has been multiplied after taking over the regime.

“The assets of the Sharif family have been jumped rapidly during their rule as compared to their assets before it,” he said adding that PTI leaders will only work for people not for their own interest.

“Any leader who joined PTI will play for the sake of country rather personal interests,” he clarified.

“I did not even own any single factory in KP  and will not allow anyone to get personal interest by using politics,” Imran warned adding that the corruption being made in the name of development, however the old and traditional politics for personal interests will not work.