Powerloom owners protest against outages

KASUR (Staff Reporter): Small power-loom owners staged a protest at Kasur Railway Station against prolonged power loadshedding here the other day. They were led by Ashraf Gujjar. Chanting slogans against the Lesco, they said the prolonged and unscheduled power outages have brought their business to complete collapse. They demanded the Lesco ensure uninterrupted power supply to small industries.

Police accused of implicating man

HUJRA SHAH MUQEEM (Staff Reporter): A man accused Dhuliana Police of implicating him in a fake case here the other day. Ahmed Yar of Kharl Kalan village told the police high-ups that Dhuliana Police check-post in-charge Ali Asghar arrested him from his house and registered a fake case against him under Narcotic Act. Ali Asghar rejected the allegation, asserting he held Ahmed Yar with 1.7kg of hashish. Police high-ups ordered inquiry into the matter.