Karachi is the center of economic activity, exchange market and monetary exercises. In the past, Karachi was viewed as the city of light and the streets were washed regularly at night. but today’s Karachi is the polar opposite of what we learnt about it from our elders. Sewage is the most serious problem of the day. The streets are generally blocked as a result of chocked sewage lines. The line which were cleaned and cleared get chocked within just a couple of days.

Consequently, the filthy water can be seen all over. It causes a number of water borne diseases. At least 20 to 28 percent of deaths in Karachi occur because of contaminated drinking water. The contaminated water contains bacteria and viruses. Stagnant water and sewage on roads leads to malaria and other diseases. It is high time for the government of Pakistan to intervene and force the local and provincial government to take immediate steps and save Karachi from this menace.


Karachi, November 8.