LAHORE - A group show exhibition of nine artists titled ‘Melding2’ was held at Ejaz Art Gallery on Friday.

The exhibition showcased artworks of nine figurative artists of Pakistan. Every art piece was creative and carried a message with it.

On the occasion curator of the show, Imran Ali Kazmi said: “The show is based on the same theme displaying the work of low key artists who didn’t get enough exposure in accordance of skills they acquire, and it is the basic need of hour to represent such talent in our art circle.”

He continued: “My aim is to win public acclaim for their skills and efforts because I have strong faith in this fact that an artist, being an unsung hero in our society, deserves all the appreciation for the time and effort he honestly pours in his canvas.”

Artist Amir Changezi said: “My paintings are human figures with its simple appearance and absurd complexity. I like to accurately translate lines, light and value onto a material and render my vision into the world out there. The images I created are coined from my personal interest; these ideas are better perceived through paint rather than spoken.”

Describing her work, Ammama Malik said: “In my recent body of work I have painted the human figure and smoke to experiment and explore ideas of impermanence. Using the characteristics of smoke, and the transforming quality of oils I’ve endeavoured to indicate how everything changes and nothing is permanent.”

Mudassar Kazmi said: “Malang’s and watercolor has a unique similarity which fascinates me to combine them together, and it’s their rhythmic movement and flow. I work primarily in transparent watercolor because its character allows for a wonderful blending of spontaneity and control.  As a result, my paintings are a fusion of realistic and interpretive elements.  Most projects begin with Pre- liminary sketches to determine composition, value pattern, and colors.  Once these initial decisions are in place, I follow where the watercolor leads me. I try not to bound my colors in outlines I always enjoy the dance of water and colors on the surface. I paint loose, free and spontaneously, not only because it satisfies me but it also allows the viewer to involve themselves visually and emotionally in the painting. I let their imagination finish the painting while my imagination has made that possible.”

The exhibition will continue till 19 Nov.