Islamabad-In today’s digital world, the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration has found social media to be an effective means of reaching out to the public.

M. Hamza Shafqaat, the young and dynamic Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad has been regularly using the platform to engage public, influence their opinion in a crisis situation and most importantly give them an opportunity to actively participate in conversation on social, civic and administrative issues.

Social media has become an accessible way to connect with concerned citizens.

The Facebook page titled, “Deputy Commissioner Islamabad” contains information pertaining to the issues and activities happening in and around the ICT Administration.

It provides information ranging from prices of general commodities, to training and awareness sessions to the steps taken by the district government for the betterment of citizens.

The administration has utilized the power of online space to connect with the public when dealing with emergency situations.

During the recent sit-in by the activists of a religio-political party at Faizabad, the administration kept the people updated about what it was doing to maintain law and order and avoiding any untoward situation in the city. The page also shows how the city administration is ensuring provision of quality food items and that they are not being cheated by the sellers.

Be it the surprise inspection of the food outlets or visits to the fuel stations, the public is being regularly updated about the activities, regardless of their physical location.

Social media has eliminated the walls between public and the authorities, shortened the time a government has to react to the issues and maintained a positive perception amongst the people.

Before the advent of social media, public relation professionals used to give sweeping statements, release them in print, or publish them online but the introduction of social networking sites has done away with these practices and made officials more accountable for what they say to the public.

The public response on “Deputy Commissioner Islamabad” page is reflective of the fact that the administration is successfully reaching out to the citizens across the city.

For instance, the citizens started asking the district administration officials to also visit their residence following pictures of an officer inspecting food outlets in one part of the city were posted on the page.

The overall response on the page indicates that the administration has effectively expanded its reach to the public.