When I was born after the birth of Pakistan. And Pakistan is absolutely a very different country from the one when I opened my eyes in this world.

Pakistan and I have both totally changed. I am surely older and know a little difference between wrong and right while Pakistan is still witnessed to confront more problems and outcomes.

You can find that unbeatable spirit everywhere, amongst those who are displaced by floods and big waters and the fatal fighting between the army and terrorists and extremists, after the deaths of naive civilians caused by terrorism, among the thousand innocent girls and Malalas in Balochistan, KPK and across the country still determined to go to school while the survivors waiting patiently for a doctor to treat them in crowded hospitals.

On the other hand, when I see the leaders of the other Asian countries like India, Turkey, Indonesia and China.

I feel very sad that they believe to have a brighter future despite facing so many obstacles such as, the people with no basic rights, people who are poor and the people who are starving to death.

But the governments in these countries are striving to resolve the multiple challanges they face.

Are Pakistani leaders doing the same?

But in spite of the disappointment and apprehension I still hope that Pakistan will survive the outcomes of the 21st century and will stand proud and tall and become a main part of a rising Asia.


Turbat, October 27.