LAHORE - The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) claimed on Friday to have recovered Rs330 million from the house of a retired government official in EME Society and arrested him.

Spokesman for the NAB Lahore said the bureau is keeping name of the accused secret because it has to make more recoveries and arrests.

However, sources in the NAB identified the accused as Khawaja Waseem, who retired from the Excise and Taxation Department in grade 16 around 20 years ago and he is currently living in EME society.

After his retirement, the sources said, the accused first started working with the Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) and then started his own business of money exchange behind Faletti’s hotel.

The sources said that NAB officials raided Waseem’s business on a complaint. They said that Waseem told NAB officials about the cash he had kept at home.

When NAB officials visited his house, the sources said, they found stacks of money, but the accused provided them proof of taxes paid on his money. NAB officials however asked Waseem to produce that evidence in the court.

The spokesman said that NAB officials found currencies of 11 countries at the house of the accused, including 100 million Pakistan rupees and prize bonds worth Rs170 million.

The accused was not present at home and the NAB team found the aforementioned amount in hidden parts of his house. According to the information gathered from relatives, the accused owns properties worth millions of rupees, beyond known sources of his income.

The director general of NAB Lahore has ordered an inquiry into the charges against the accused, including accumulating assets beyond means.