The status of Strategic Trade Authorization-1 (STA-1) has been given to India by US Department of Commerce on July 30. This granted status provides India with a license free tool for exporting high technology from the US. However, India is the only one in South Asia, third in Asia and 37th in the world to get the status.

The US has chosen India to counter Chinese influence in military and economy. Besides, the US wanted to deteriorate Indo-Russian military cooperation: S-400 Triumf Defence Missile System worth $5.5 billion. Now, India is under threat. Either to join hands completely with the US---its boss--- or Russia--- its military supporter. India cannot leave Russian cooperation easily as it provides India with strong military muscles. On contrary, STA-1 is really more than enough.

The status creates a vicious cycle of lethality for peace of the world generally and regional particularly. It ignites imbalance between Pakistan and India---two bitter rivals---, and will accelerate arms race in the region. The global powers must understand the consequences of the STA-1 and avoid such destabilized alliances.


Shikarpur, October 27.