71 years ago India seized the Valley cruely, So lets have a look back on that very serious and primal issue shortly.

Four deadly wars have been fought so far on this, besides that in ‘UNSC’ resolution was passed on 21st April 1948 that both countries should think and decide through ‘democratic process’ and get it impartial. Later in mid of 1950 India got u-turn putting two reasons in front of Pakistan and resolutions regarding Kashmir have been negated.

1- Constitutional assembly of India ratifies the state is accession to New Delhi.

2- Its necessary that India will not demilitarize Kashmir till an essential condition, plebiscite vote from their public on the fortune of Kashmir as national importance. In 1957 It declared Kashmir as its constitutional part to seize it. Later in 1972 Pak-Ind ‘Simla agreement’ which provided two countries to settle and solve all the matters peacefully through bilateral negotiations, now its India’s counterfeit that It claimed of this issue was resolved during ‘Simla pact’ and Kashmir was added as their county’s part, but fact is that such agreement is not on the record and found fictitious. In a recent past member of UN affirmed weepingly in General assembly that “over ten thousand Kashmiri women age of 17 to 70 have been ‘assaulted’ by indian military and no one could save those innocents”. Two years ago they used ‘Pellet guns’ on innocent Kashmiris which was cause of blindness of more than 5000 people as well as children, its violation of ‘UN’ law. Recently foreign minister Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi also contended that in UN assembly that This issue is an iron wall between peace of Pakistan and India.

Resultantly India is proving its viciousness and savageness against the innocents. So far Modi’s government has not any progress for coming general elections without such malicious and evil acts.


Dadu, October 27.