Peaceful and humane, misconstrued and manipulated at the same time, Islam needs to be revisited now. Propaganda, hate-speeches and harangues in the guise of freedom of speech against Islam, sacred books, and personalities around the world must be halted forthwith. Maligning the image of Islam and running the vitriolic media campaigns in the name of Islamic-phobia by Western World is highly condemnable and have to be stopped now.

In this connection, PM Khan, President Erdagon, and Premier Mahatir Muhammad held a meeting on the sidelines of 74th summit of UNGA and decided to jointly set up an “English Language Channel” to counter anti-Islamic media drives and disabuse the world of the misconceptions about Islam.

While co-hosting the round table discussion on hate speech, along with President Erdagon, MP Khan said:”There is no radical Islam; there is only one Islam—that is, Islam of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which we follow. There is no other Islam. Islam must be delinked from terrorism as terrorism has to do with politics, not Islam”.

Praiseworthy though the step is, we hope that the proposed channel will start soon and present the true, positive image of Islam before the world.