On Saturday, a statement by the Foreign Office concerning the decision of the Indian Supreme Court regarding the Babri Masjid was shared with the press.

The FO wrote: "The decision has, once again, failed to uphold the demands of justice. As the United Nations recently noted that Indian Supreme Court's response to human rights petitions in the context of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir was slow, this decision points out that when it acts, it is unable to protect the interests of India's minorities,"

The statement also said that the decision had destroyed the veneer of the so-called secularism of India by making it clear that minorities in India were no longer safe.

"A process of re-writing history is underway in India in order to recast it in the image of a 'Hindu Rashtra' in pursuance of the Hindutva ideology. It is also fast affecting India's major institutions," according to the statement.

It said the rising tide of extremist ideology in India, based on the belief of Hindu supremacy and exclusion, is a threat to regional peace and stability.

"The Indian government should ensure the protection of Muslims, their lives, rights and properties and avoid being yet again a silent spectator of Muslims becoming the victims of Hindu extremists and zealots," the statement further read.

The Foreign Office said the international community, the United Nations and other human rights organizations in particular should play their role by restraining India's extremist elements, and ensuring that religious minorities in India enjoy equal status.