ISLAMABAD       -     The gold imports into the country decreased by 3.37 percent during the first quarter of the current fiscal year (2018-19) as compared to the cor­respondin perio o las yea . Pakist n import d go d wor h $4.4 4 milli n duri g July-Septembe (2019-20 s compar d o t e impor s o $4.63 millio durin July-Septembe (2018-19) showin decreas o 3.3 percent accordin t th lat­e t da a f Pakist n Bure u f Statisti s (PBS . n ter s f quantit , t e impor s f go d decreas d by10. 8 p r en as the cou try impo ted 1 7 kilogra s f go d dur ­i g the eriod under eview co pa ed o the i port of 19 kilogr ms dur ng l st fis al ye r. Meanwhi e, on year-on-y ar bas s, he gold i port in o the coun try du ing Septe ber 019 sh un by 4 .44 per en as comp re to the imp rt of the ame m nt of the ast y ar. he gold import du ­ing he mo ths un er revie were rec rd d at $ .178 milli n a ainst t e im rt of $ .978 mi lion d ring Sept mber 01 . In er s of quan ity the gold im orts decr ased fr m 48 kilo ra s in Sept mber 20 8 o 29 ki­l gr ms in Sep ember 2019, s owing de re se of 39.58 pe cent. Mean hi e, on month-on month asi , he old im orts during ptem­b r 2019 in re sed b 39. 15 percent