LAHORE    -    Progressive Group in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry has urged the provincial government, especially the Punjab Minister for Industries Mian Aslam Iqbal, to establish ‘Shahdara Cottage Industrial Park’ in Shahdra to organise the cottage industrial units present in this area and to bring them in the mainstream. In a joint statement, Progressive Group (Shahdara Chapter) leaders Ali Imran, Anjum Saeed, Tahir Naeem Malik and Hamid Khan said that a large number of cottage industrial units are working in this area but they are even don’t have basic facilities. Establishment of an industrial park for these small units will help them to organize and expand. Expansion and organization will lead to creation of new jobs and generation of revenue for the government, they added. They said that majority of these cottage units work as vendor for the big industries and clustering them at one place will help these big units to have easy access while it will also resolve the different issues being faced by the residential areas including traffic mess.