KARACH      -    Official of the Sindh Heal h­care Commission ( HCC) and P e ention Control rog amme f r Deng e PCPD) in S n h held mee in here on Sa urday on p eve tion an c ntrol o den ue.

SH C CEO r Minha Qid ai, PCPD rogramm M nager D Mehm od Iqb l Me on, PCPD A ditional rogramm M nager Dr Ab­ul Wah ed haikh nd Dep­ty Medical Sup ri ten ent of he Karachi M tropolitan orporati n ospit l Dr A ­war Su ail Qure hi ttended th me ting.

At h meeting a trat­egy as discuss d to c n­rol den ue n Kara hi and indh. I thi reg rd, S CC will star an awar nes cam­paign fo preve tio f den­gue nd a c mpli nc lette w ll be issued to uthorities. Th Directo ate of Cli i al Gover anc & Traini g has con uc ed a meeti g of lab­o at ry tandards

t the me tin , a docu­ment or the Pro incial Lab ratory Pol cy was dis­cusse . It was discuss d that tr nsparent sy tem o p o­curemen shall be f llowed, tak ng bo h qu lity and price into con id ration Training n sup ly manageme t hal be p om ted at all tiers o l borato y netw rk to en­sure steady sup lies.

Separa el , the Directo ­ate o A ti-Q ackery sea ed 68 more hea thcare es ab­lish en s (HCEs n Kar ch in a week

A t tal of 2,653 CEs were sea ed a ross he prov nce this w ek

Wa ning was issued to 711 H Es f r non co pli­ance Thi week, 7 w rn­i gs were iss ed The SHCC Dir ctorate f C mplaint has re ei ed 10 complaint : 80 of these com la nts were isposed of, 17 re nde proce s nd six re s b ju­dice s f r.

The SHC irectorate of Lic ncing & cc edi ation has re eiv d 51 new app i­ca ions for regis ration th s week and t tal number of ap