The historically and archeologically very important mosque the Babri Masjid was constructed on a vacant land some 493 years back in 1528-29 by Muslims which continued to exist as a place of worship for Indian Muslims. The Indian Hindu extremist organizations conspired to construct temple replacing the Babri Mosque and RSS took this unholy task to demolish it. According to investigation the handler of Samjhuata express and demolishing of Babri Masjid were the same duly back by RSS. The Indian Supreme Court under the fear of RSS gave highly controversial verdict after admitting the act of demolishing Babri Masjid which was illegal and yet the verdict was announced in favour of those who demolished it. Here is a are four salient features of the Supreme Court of India’s foul verdict as under:

Given all the evidence presented, it had determined that the disputed land should be given to Hindus for a temple to Lord Ram.

Muslims would be given land elsewhere to construct a mosque.

Federal government to set up a trust to manage and oversee the construction of the temple- obviously under PM Modi

Muslim stand deprived of Babri Masjid

The Supreme Court of India has lost its credibility by facilitating the agreement between RSS and BJP to facilitate PM Modi for becoming the Prime Minister of India. The conditions of thus agreement between RDD and PM Modi are as under:

Revoking/ Scrapping/ Abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A, repealing the special status of the People of Kashmir.

Construction of Ram Temple at the place of Babri Mosque.

Introducing the system of common Hindu community customs in India.

Mr. Verma- a famous Indian Archeologist has already verified and confirmed through his challenge in the court that Babri Mosque was not constructed on the Mandir. In a padded report by A 320 where it claimed that the Babri Mosque was constructed on the remains of Hindu temple which has been denied by an independent Archeologist.

The history of RSS and PM Modi being extremist is now well documented both in India and International Human Rights bodies including a well-documented investigation against PM Modi where he was declared in top 10 terrorist. PM Modi managed his exit with the Americans by demonstrating his anti-Pakistan Syndrome in line with Afghanistan and US.

Babri Masjid was demolished with the RSS street support and the person who led the demolishing campaign along with two other were converted to Islam. Was Babri Singh was a popular leader of “Shiv Sena” who climbed the dome of the Babri Mosque later converted to Islam and his Muslim Name is Muhammad Amir. Muhammad Umar a friend of Muhammad Amir was YogendraPal. Shiv Parasad was a youth leader of Bajrang Dal. He actively participated in the demolition of Babri Mosque but after the incident he went in mental stress and suffered badly from hallucination. For the change of his mindset he flew away to Sharja where he embraced Islam and changed his Name to Muhammad Mustafa.

I have a question that why these attackers were not called by the Supreme Court of India to take their point of view. What we could expect when Samjhota Train Trial judge was a close friend of Indian PM Modi who facilitated the way out for Lt. Col Shrikant Purohit and similarly the RSS blocked evidence related to Babari mosque to the court . Similarly Babri Masjid case was also tried by the friends of PM Modi under the terror of RSS. The Babri Mosque demolition was engineered conspired under the RSS Command.

The people of Pakistan has realized that PM Modi got this verdict announced on the same day when the Sikh Community was celebrating the holy day of their religious and spiritual leader Baba Guru Nanak. Although PM Modi has thanked the Government of Pakistan for opening the “Kartarpur Rahdari” half heartedly and at the same time got the Babari false judgment on the Kartarpura day. By Announcing he has shown his anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh sentiment on this great eve. The courtesy by the Government of Pakistan has been frustrated against the wishes of own sikh Indian community which is the legitimate citizens of India. This judgment of Indian Court is under the influence of RSS needs to be condemned.

I purpose that Organization of Islamic Countries should raise this with International Court of Justice as this is against the UN Charter of Interfaith Harmony. India is a signatory of that charter. RSS and Modi will not only harm the Muslims of India and Pakistan but they will also harm the Muslim community of South Asia. He will take many brutal actions to force the conversion of Indian Muslims into Hindus or to force them to leave India under his declared “Hindutva Ideology.

I appeal to the Secretary General of the United Nations to immediately summon a special session and take the notice of this gross violation of inter faith harmony by destroying a Relgious worship place and have the judgment declared null and void through ICJ. Let us see what initiative will be taken by the OIC to save the honor of Muslims in India or will it keep having a cozy sleep on Caged Kashmiris.

All criminals of Sumjota express and Babri Msajid have been set free as Modi government is protecting all such terrorists: extremists

Where as the courtesy extended by Pakistan to Indian Sikh community has not been liked by PM Modi, the C - in -C of RSS . In addition Modi had hinting about the judgment of Indian court in advance.RSS wanted a temple in the place of Babari Masjid and PM Modi managed it for his RSS Babies. Can any court in India say “NO” to “RSS” hence RSS can manage any thing including such judgments but do not worry Mr PM Modi your down fall will also be in the hands of a faction within RSS.

Note: Opinions expressed are solely my own and not necessarily to reflect the views or opinions of my party.