Okara     -    Doctors, nurses and paramedical staff of Grand Health Alliance (GHA) raised protest against the proposed privatisation of the Okara hospital.

They voiced that the privatisation of the hospital was the black law. Demand for security was the basic right of the hospital employees. The privatization would create enormous difficulties and troubles for the hospital employees. They said, the free treatment facilities would be taken away from the poor patients. They demanded of the govt to withdraw the black law of privatization of the hospital with immediate effect, otherwise, the circle of protest would increase.

Meanwhile, the Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue & MC Administrator Khurram Shahzad visited city markets and checked artificial price hike. Enquired about rates of things from the shopkeepers, cart-pushers and stallers, also checked the rate lists, quality of things  and talked with the customers about quality of things and rates. Taking action against the black-marketers the ADCR/ADMN imposed fine on the them. He got registered a case against one shopkeeper.

He said the sellers of necessities in the markets had created artificial price hike just to increase their profit. He said, the administration would take undiscerning action against the black-marketers. He invited complaints of public against sellers, if any, and legal action would be taken against them. He said, artificial price hike would never be tolerable! The citizens paid credit to the district administration working for taking action against the black-marketers in favour of the people.

ACCIDENT: A child was hit to death by a rickshaw, bike rider died in collision with van, a woman got injured in two accidents.

In village Shankar Das the 8 years old Muhammad Bilal was playing beside the road when he ran towards the road frightened by the ducks. He was hit by a rickshaw and died on the spot. In other incident, Muhammamd Ashraf of village 11/2L abd gus relative woman were going motorcycle when an oncoming van hit and ran over them. Ashraf died on the spot, the woman got injured. Cases were registered accordingly.