On Sunday, the medical board at Services Hospital that was responsible for Nawaz Sharif's health refused to provide further opinions to the government on Sharif's health.

The head of the Services Hospital and Sharif's medical board, Professor Dr Mahmood Ayaz, said that the only valid report the hospital could give authorities had already been given when the former premier was discharged. At the time, Ayaz and the board agreed that Sharif should be taken abroad for treatment.

As it has been three days since Sharif was discharged, it was no longer possible for the board to continue to provide the government with sound medical opinions, Ayaz said.

Nawaz Sharif has still not been taken off the Exit Control List (ECL), although even members of the government have said that Sharif should be allowed to seek treatment for his health abroad.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the threat to Sharif's health was exacerbating day by day, as long as his name is still on the ECL. Doctors, she said, had already given Sharif steroids which would help him travel overseas. In case of a sudden medical emergency, which is possible given Sharif's condition is being called "critical" by his personal physician, Aurangzeb said it would be impossible for him to be treated overseas.

Aurangzeb added that doctors were doing their best to keep Sharif's platelet count up, also to ensure his health does not worsen while he is traveling.