If there wasn’t enough evidence of the Indian Supreme Court’s (SC) favouritism towards Hindus over other religious minorities – Muslims in particular – the decision to hand over the disputed land of the former Babri Masjid to build a Hindu temple should make the intentions of the apex court in India clear. A mob burnt down the existing mosque and years later, the SC has granted exactly what the Hindu nationalists wanted in the first place; to demolish the mosque and build a temple in its stead. The Supreme Court strangely did declare the destruction of the mosque as illegal, but still handed the disputed land over to the state for a temple to be made; if this is not blatant biased behaviour, what is?

The most ironic aspect of this whole affair is that Hindu nationalists and right-wing politicians – Prime Minister Modi among them – have come out and dubbed this a victory for secularism in the country, when in fact it is a mockery of the very principle. Marginalising the rights of the minority in favour of a religious majority in the country is considered appeasement of the masses, and rejection of the idea of equality for all. The BJP government is doing exactly what it promised, move the country towards becoming a Hindu nation, one that does not allow for people of other faiths to practice their religion without interference from the majority – or even the state.

The Supreme Court has also set a dangerous precedent by ruling in favour of Hindus in this decision; the majority now knows that it can subvert the rights of Muslims and the law will only reward them for it after, instead of dispensing with actual justice. The façade of a secular India has gradually been chipped at by Hindu nationalists; it is easy to see though, that the final nail in the coffin was the rise of Modi to power. His commitment to ensure that Muslims are subjugated in a Hindu India has only taken the country towards more bigotry.

Pakistan has important lessons to learn from this SC verdict. The Indian Supreme Court is too spineless to hand out just verdicts, and Kashmir is no exception. The abrogation of Article 37-A and 370 will go unquestioned in the SC – Pakistan needs to keep mounting international pressure for the Indian state to let up on the many rights violations currently taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir.