MULTAN      -    Motorists and patients are facing inconvenience owing to studs installed to check speed of  vehicles at different city roads. Commonly known as reflectors, the studs are creating issues  for vehicles besides making speed slow at  different main arteries in the city. Rida Fatima, a student, complained that she  used her car to reach university and faced a lot of  trouble in morning and at noon due to traffic mess  created by these studs. Ijaz Khan, a motorcyclist, said motorcycles switched off  while crossing the studs which might put one’s life at risk  as traffic from rear side could hit one. Amjad, a traffic warden performing duty at Chungi No 9  intersection, said that he has witnessed overloaded rickshaws  stopped at these reflectors due to slowing down of speed. When contacted, XEN Highways,  Ghulam Nabi confirmed  that these studs were creating problems for motorists  and patients alike.

Actually,these reflectors were installed near schools or  prominent places on roads to check traffic speed, he said and  added that eye-cats could be a possible substitute to  avoid problems faced by motorists.

The XEN said these were installed at interconnected  roads, adding that an underpass was another solution from  Chungi No 9 to Khayyam Cinema Road to tackle growing  traffic.

To a question,  he replied that speed humpers could  replace studs, but these were not visible at night  unlike reflectors.

To another question,  Ghulam Nabi said the MDA installed  studs at Chungi No 9 which were higher causing trouble  for traffic, adding that length of a normal stud was  8 inhes with widith 4 inches besides thickness 2 inches.