Once again the country experienced another major earthquake that caused the death of 25 people and many injuries. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families, to the injured and to the ones who lost their property.

It looks as if the epicenter is just below the Mangla lake. What could have possibly happened was that the lake water seeped underground. This seepage could have weakened the tectonic plates. These weakened tectonic plates then may have broken off causing the tremors consequently the earthquake. As New Mirpur was very close to the epicenter, it got the brunt of the tremors therefore the loss of lives, injuries and heavy losses.

I could be wrong as I am not a scientist but I strongly suggest that scientists study the causes of this earthquake. Am quite sure that they will agree with me. Pakistan is planning to build more dams. If my theory is right then I suggest that before they do so they must foresee this consequence too.