The rise in the second wave of Covid-19 is alarming. Bells are ringing as the first death due to re-infection of the virus has been reported.  The point of concern is that people have completely forgotten that once corona was here and it had taken a toll of more than 6,000 lives. We have to be extra conscious and abide by all instructions issued by health authorities in this regard.  

Wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and keeping safe distances among human beings is the necessity of this crucial time.  The government should make mandatory mask-wearing for everyone and quality masks need to be brought to the market at subsidized rates so that everyone can afford it.

The masses flouted all SOPs in the recent PTM rally in Peshawar. If this is our attitude towards all precautionary measures, one can only mourn at the death of common sense and self-protection. Hordes of people move in markets and malls aimlessly, completely ignorant of the current precarious conditions. It is feared that as the winter season is drawing in, the pandemic may gain momentum. We can only counter it with wisdom, patience, and by observing all SOPs.