LAHORE - Punjab Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Raja Basharat while talking to media outside the Punjab Assembly on Monday said that today was a very important day in the history of Punjab Assembly as after 30 years standing committees had been empowered.

He said those who were making noise today did not empower the members but those who claimed to respect the vote did not respect their members in the House even.

Raja Basharat said that the Assembly, while considering the recommendations of the Standing Committee, approved the recommendation of the Punjab government to increase the price of wheat. “We are talking about the interest of the farmer,” he said.

Criticizing the attitude of the opposition, the Law Minister said that democratic values were badly violated in the House. “N-League should tell this nation the reality that the Supreme Court had expelled and disqualified your leader and the elected prime minister had been called a thief by the Supreme Court.” Basharat said the PML-N accepted the court’s decision and ruled for one more year. He said, “What difference does it make in the assembly whether Hamza Shahbaz comes or not, what role has Hamza played as Leader of Opposition in Assembly?” He said that Samiullah Khan had tried to degrade the position of the Speaker by accusing him which was reprehensible in every respect.