ISLAMABAD   -  While sending warm wishes to US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris for the election victory, President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement (J&KSM) Altaf Ahmed Bhat yesterday urged them to play their role in resolving long-pending Kashmir issue as per the UN resolutions and aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

In a statement issued here, Bhat hoped that the election victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would ask India to honour the wishes of the people of disputed Kashmir and resolve the issue under the UN resolutions.

He said that Kashmiris in Indian illegally occupied Jammu & Kashmir and all over the world welcomed the remarks of Kamala Harris that they would remind Kashmiris that they’re not alone in the world.

“Now is the time they keep their promise and raise Kashmir issue in international parliaments, while putting pressure on India to stop grave human rights violations, and atrocities being perpetrated by more than one million occupational forces in IIOKK,” Bhat said.

He also said that with the election of president-elect Joe Biden the wave of populism must reach to its end, and the populist and fascist Modi is made accountable for the genocides carried out under his watch in IIOJK.