It is quite satisfactory to see that the public and private sectors are making collective efforts to support the healthcare sector in Pakistan. Few days back, I read a news article about the UK financing the production of breathing devices in Pakistan through Karandaaz partnership with Meezan Bank. In the wake of the pandemic, such initiatives are a ray of hope; indigenous production and development of ventilators and other respiratory support devices will be the starting of a great healthcare revolution in Pakistan. It will not just help patients of corona and other lung diseases in their speedy recovery but will also alleviate our dependency on other countries for life saving devices which is a highly positive development.

To meet the financing gap in the medical supplies and equipment manufacturing sector in Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan has also expanded the scope of the Refinance Facility to Combat Covid-19 (RFCC) to manufacturing sector producing medical equipment and accessories.

With more than 300,000 cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan and well over 25.6 million globally, the demand for breathing devices and ventilators has grown exponentially. This pioneering capacity enhancement by local engineering company “Alsons”, as they have started producing breathing devices, will help Pakistan meet its domestic demand for critical medical equipment and will also open an avenue for exports in a highly lucrative international market.