KARACHI-The spokesperson of Sindh Rangers said on Monday that a ‘most wanted’ street criminal, Abid Ali alias Dada had been arrested during a joint raid with Karachi police.

Abid Ali alias Dada was allegedly involved in different incidents of dacoity and robbery, said the spokesperson of Sindh Rangers. The accused was arrested with the help of a CCTV footage which showed him and his accomplice while looting citizens in Azam Basti.

Rangers also released the CCTV footage of the incident where the accused, Abid Ali, was seen riding on a motorcycle along with another street criminal. Later, they snatched mobile phones and valuables from the two citizens standing at the street.

Abid Ali has confessed his involvement in dozens of robberies during the initial investigation, whereas, raids are being conducted for arresting his accomplice, added the spokesperson.

It is pertinent to mention here that criminal activities including motorcycle theft and snatching have risen to record levels in the city during the month of October, according to a report aired on Saturday.

According to statistics compiled by the CPLC, overall 3,940 motorcycles were snatched or stolen, while 2,144 Karachiites were deprived of their mobile phones by street criminals.

Moreover, 180 four-wheelers were either snatched or stolen from the city during the outgoing month. The incidence of bike theft topped the list of street crimes reported in Karachi city last month.