BHIMBER   -  The AJK Food Department has said that quality flour is being provided to the people at low-cost rates and there is no shortage or crisis of flour anywhere in Azad Kashmir. 

According to a press release of the AJK Food Department, immediate action will be taken to ensure the supply of grain in any part of AJK. With reference to the recent increase in the price of government flour, it is explained that at present private flour imported from Pakistan in Azad Kashmir is very expensive and its delivery from Pakistan is also very low. 

Prices have been revised to ensure the supply of grain but the price of government flour is still much lower than that of private flour. Government flour is available in Azad Kashmir at around Rs1,900 per quintal, while private  flour is being sold at Rs2,500 to Rs2,800 per quintal.  The government and the food department are making every effort to ensure that the entire population of Azad Kashmir is provided with unqualified standard flour at affordable prices at all times.