GIVEN the various threats to the government and the state of restlessness in the country, the meeting between President Asif Zardari and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif should help matters a lot. It was heartening to see both agreeing on the need to keep the coalition running in the province. More important, President Zardari assured Mr Sharif that a message had been conveyed to Governor Salman Taseer to maintain the spirit of cooperation. This is indeed important as at the and of the day it all boils down to working relationship between the CM and the governor. The PPP had a grouse against the Punjab set-up for the alleged indifference shown to its ministers and members. One of its main worries was that its ministers were not being given important portfolios in the Cabinet. However the CM gave the President his word that these grievances would be removed. Surely this is a positive development and would help thwart the efforts of the PML(Q) to create dissensions between the two. The PML(Q) had been resorting to different tactics, trying to play off one party against the other, to create room for its comeback. This was also a big cause of dismay for the people, who wanted to see the PPP and PML(N) end their mutual acrimony and work for the welfare of the country. Confidence building measures like the President-CM meeting would help a climate of goodwill between the two parties. At this hour of crisis, the nation needs unity between them.