PAKISTAN's cricket woes seem far from over. There has been a gradual decline in standard aggravated by a number of factors. The latest news is that Mr Ijaz Butt has been selected as chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. An ex-cricketer himself it is hoped that he would be able to take the game out of the crisis. Accepting the fact that the job assigned to him was a big challenge, he pointed out that the fault lay with Jeff Lawson who, according to him, failed to prepare the team to perform well on the world tour. One wishes him Godspeed but there are other factors that should be tackled to prevent Pakistan cricket from further ruin. To begin with years of ad-hocism have had exacted a heavy toll with the mismanagement of the board coming out as one of the most serious problems. The example of how ex-chairman Nasim Ashraf handled the affairs is before us. Then there is the problem of infrastructure and the facilities available to the players which when compared with the west fall into insignificance. Yet another matter of concern has been the security situation that has been scaring other teams from touring the country. The new set-up has an uphill task in raising the game's standard.