America has offered to train Pakistan soldiers. What a bizarre offer America has never had soldiers as fighters. She has always fought her wars with her weapons and not with her soldiers. The soldiers are there just to carry about the weapons. The weapons do the real fighting. The soldiers are essentially spectators. It is great fun for them. What a ridiculous offer America has made to Pakistan How can a country which herself doesn't have genuine soldiers train soldiers of another country? The secret is known only to America. The American soldiers are very clever business guys. They are not paid for fighting. They are paid for giving company to the weapons. The actual fighting is done by the weapons. A genuine soldier is a soldier who fights with the weapons which are qualitatively on a par with the enemy's weapons. If a soldier has supremely superior weapons as compared with the enemy's weapons, he is not a genuine soldier. And the fight is not a genuine fight. It is America's weapons which are her real soldiers. And it is the weapons which win her wars. But, horribly unjustly, it is the soldiers who get the bravery-awards. Actually, only the weapons deserve the honours. But the weapons are deprived of the awards. they must be despondent. We don't need American soldier to train our soldiers. But we do need American weapons. But America's treatment of our needs of weapons is a very sad story. Long ago, we paid America for buying some F-16 planes. America put the money into her pockets but did not put the planes immediately into our pockets. We were kept waiting and waiting and waiting. Let's forget about the rest of the depressing story. America has a paradoxical behaviour towards Pakistan. She offers us generously what we don't need and when we ask for what we urgently need we are shown the door. We have been shown the door on a regular basis. And luckily we have developed a taste for such a regularity. Actually we love America so much that we passionately desire that she must keep making fun of us. And thank God she has never disappointed me. The root-cause of the American occupation of Afghanistan is the destruction of the New York Towers. The root-cause of the destruction of the towers is the Israeli destruction of Palestine. Had there been no destruction of Palestine. There would have been no terrorism, no suicidal attacks. Israel has been killing Palestinians for more than half a century. The Palestinians have been resisting for more than half a century. America has been patronising the Israeli killings for more than half a century. Perhaps human history has never seen such a destruction of helpless human being in the past. The holocaust in Germany was a matter of a few years. But the Palestinian holocaust has been flourishing for more than half a century. Had President Bush so wanted he could have exterminated this holocaust in a jiffy. But he did not. Perhaps he loved to see Palestine fully soaked in Palestinian blood. Let's have another look at the training offer. Bush has generously offered us what we don't need. What a generosity of a peculiarly Bushian kind. Would that he had asked us what we urgently need. But when he offered us the training facilities, his stock of generosity was completely exhausted. Pakistan is upto her nose submerged in various sorts of horrible problems. Had Bush been really concerned about our problems, he would have asked us what sort of help we needed. But he did not. Perhaps he believed that giving Pakistan the specific help Pakistan needed would be tantamount to interfering in Pakistan's internal affairs. What a respect he has for our internal sovereignty Even if Bush's offer is not needed we must be grateful for the offer. And it is our moral obligation to offer something in return. Pakistan should offer to train American soldiers gratis. The terrorism which America is fighting is America's own creation. The day Israel occupied Palestine was the birthday of terrorism. America brought up the baby by helping Israel to continue the occupation. No wonder, the terrorism rapidly spread throughout the Middle East and in some other parts of the world. America could have exterminated the terrorism by exterminating the Israeli occupation of Palestine. But no Perhaps America enjoys watching the suicidal attack by the terrorists. Otherwise, had the attacks been really repugnant to America then America could have long long ago exterminated the attacks by exterminating the Israeli terrorism in Palestine. The writer is an academic