Prime Minister, his Interior Advisor and Information Minister all have divergent views about the real target of the suicide bombers in the Marriott incident. According to Prime Minister, the target was Parliament Building and Prime Minister House. According to the Interior Advisor, the target was the Marriott Hotel. The Information Minister, however, claims that National Assembly Speaker had booked for a dinner party in the honour of Prime Minister, President and Army Chief on September 20 in Marriott Hotel and they all were saved due to a change of venue at the last minute. The hotel management, though, has denied that flat. The Marriott officials say no booking was made for any official dinner of the government of Pakistan on that day. Why are these responsible leaders giving these contradictory statements. If a dinner booking was, indeed, made and cancelled subsequently due to a 'security threat', they knew something was going to happen at Marriott Hotel? Then, why weren't the security measures strengthened at the Marriott Hotel? -ENGR S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, via e-mail, September 24.