Pakistan Muslim League Functional leader Pir Pagaras commitment to help bring various factions of the PML on a single platform and visit Mian Nawaz Sharif to persuade him to join him in this cause should be seen as an attempt to bring about much-needed political stability in the country. Perhaps, never before has Pakistan been in so much need of a cohesive leadership than now. The leaders, belonging to various factions of the PML, must realise that they would be better able to articulate their voices as opposition when standing as a single political entity. Squabbling among the politicians for personal reasons clouds a national perspective and has become one of the biggest challenges facing the country. It is hoped that with the unification of the PML, the nation would have a sense of direction that would keep the multiple crises afflicting us in view. We would urge Mian Nawaz Sharif to respond positively to Pir Pagaras proposal. What is more, if various splinter groups of the PML do actually join the unified party, it would strengthen the federation. And it is pretty obvious that the suggested union would also benefit the party in the next general elections. Mian Nawazs oft-repeated reservation that he does not approve of the Chaudhrys on account of their affiliation with General Musharraf is understandable, but the need to forge political unity must take precedence over all other considerations. Besides, the Chaudhrys have also been indicating that they are ready to bury the hatchet in the greater national interest. So far as General Musharraf is concerned, he has already burned his boats by forming the All Pakistan Muslim League in London, and is apparently no longer in the good books of Pir Pagara. Therefore, the PML-Ns demand that the General should be excluded from the new set-up has already been fulfilled. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the upcoming meeting between Pir Pagara and Mian Nawaz Sharif.