LAHORE - Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif on Saturday visited the mausoleum of Allama Muhammad Iqbal to pay homage to the great national poet, and visited the historic Badshahi Mosque. During the visit, the CJ showed dissatisfaction over the poor cleanliness conditions prevailing in the mosque. Front elevations walls of the mosque and central pond covered with dense layers of black moss/algae depicted an ugly picture. Likewise, distemper on the side walls of the stairs leading to the venue where 'Tab-barakat are exhibited was in dilapidated condition. The CJ desired that cleanliness and repair/maintenance work be carried out immediately. Side by side, he has further been pleased to desire that a committee comprising seasoned and highly responsible officers be constituted to ensure proper dusting and cleanliness of Tabbarakat. However, utmost care and caution be observed for the safety of the sacred articles, he wished. Moreover, during the visit of the Shahi Mosque, he was surprised to know that the famous Moti Masjid situated inside the Fort had been closed for a considerable time for some unknown reason and the visitors were deprived to offer prayer in this holy and historic mosque. He expressed keen desire that immediate measures be taken to open the said mosque and make it functional by doing necessary maintenance/repair of the same.