ISLAMABAD - The government instead of going for the mega projects is planning to waste public money in building small dams those cannot benefit the public but just can damage national kitty. Different quarters from farmers strongly oppose the policy. The government is planning to build 32 small dams those are not wanted at the moment by any quarter. Especially the farmers consider it the wastage of money as those dams would cost a lot but give nothing, neither in water availability form nor they would add significant energy in the national grid. The representatives of different farmers associations has a point of view that the government seems to have no vision and it continuously is lying with the farmers for being supporter of them. An official of the agriculture ministry while analysing the situation said When it is about sugar, who is the winner obviously the millers and who are those millers, they are mostly the politicians so how can they take decisions in favour of general public and farmers. He said that now in case of dams, everybody knows that the country desperately required to start building big dams but what is the government doing in that regard, practically nothing. Some other sources while talking to TheNation said that the Friends of Pakistan could help us in financing big dams if the government would have discussed the feasibilities with them. The government this time is not interested in doing something concrete that can benefit the country but it just wants to gain political mileage by announcing different small projects in different areas. It is also pertinent to mention here that for just 5 small dams the cost increased more than double within a year as shown in the PC-1 of 2009 and 2010. In 2009 the cost for 5 small dams was Rs 35 billion and in 2010 the cost for the same dams was projected at Rs 100 billion. Though now Planning Commission is going to revise it but it happened when the things went open before the public. President Mutahida Kisam Mahaz Ayub Mayo had also said the other day in a press conference that there was huge chance of corruption in the small dams and as a representative of farmers, he also demanded that the government should only consider construction of big dams at the moment and not the small ones.