KARACHI - The prolong issue of holding elections of Fishermen Cooperative Society (FCS) is yet to be resolved. Due to alleged interference of the Provincial Government, the society elections could not be conducted. Since taking over the charge of the society current administrator has only been giving assurances to hold the elections but practically nothing is being done in this regard. The source said that the election for a new board of directors could not be organised due to differences among the government nominated directors on a consensus candidate. There are serious differences among the higher government authorities on the nomination of the next chairmanship of the Society which is key organisation for managing seafood business at Karachi Fish Harbour. The persisting crisis had also created manifold problems for fishermen community who have to run from pillar to post for routine matters. According to by-laws, the FCS is to be manned by a 15-member Board of Directors. Of whom seven are to be elected by the fishermen community and eight are to be nominated by the government. As was practiced in the past, because of its majority position, the FCS chairman had always been elected from the Government side and Vice-Chairman was chosen from the fishermen. The former elected directors of FCS have urged the Provincial Chief Minister to direct the authorities concerned to call the Boards meeting and elect a new chairman of the Society and to save it from further crisis. Moreover a few months ago, the administrator of FCS Jafar Khawaja told that the elections would be held after finalisation of a voter list, but nothing has been done so far. Requesting anonymity, one of the office-bearers of FCS, told that the interception by the government high-ups and the Provincial Fishing Ministry caused the vital hurdle of the elections, as many government representatives are interested to take over its charge, while due to the severe opposition from the fisher community it could not possible to hand them over its authority. It is worth mentioning here that for the first time the government interference was witnessed in the FCS matter when former advisor for Fishing Minister Jadam Mangrio had taken over its charge as Chairman in the past, similarly a few other such examples were witnessed as the governments representatives were very angry taking over full control on FCS due to its charm attractive. The fishermen community have been resisting that no unconcerned parson may take charge, but the senior bureaucrats and the govts officials are keen to take over it.