LAHORE Defence Minister Ch Ahmad Mukhtar said on Saturday that government was mulling the option of imposing some sort of tax on NATO trucks as compensation for use of road network, though there existed no agreement between the two parties to collect the same. Talking to a group of reporters at his residence, the defence minister said that some federal departments were trying to find a way out to get compensation from NATO for using roads, because former President Pervez Musharraf had allowed NATO to use countrys road infrastructure free of cost. He said government may fix some amount on every NATO truck carrying supplies to Afghanistan. Responding to a question about withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the federal minister said though Pakistan wanted the US to pull out of its neighbouring country, yet it was also worried about stability in that country. He said Pakistan wanted stable Afghanistan after US departure. Though the defence minister did not concede that US was carrying out drone attacks inside Pakistan with its approval, he, however, admitted that International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) had no mandate to cross border and strike inside Pakistan. He said countrys defence forces did not have the capability to hit drones from land as they flew at a height above 20,000 feet. The only way to shoot them down was through F-16 loaded with missiles, but this option was not viable, he told journalists. Talking about the effectiveness of countrys newly acquired drone technology, the defence minister said it was not of superior nature as compared to that of the US. Pakistani drones could fly for five to six hours only unlike those of the US that had the flight time of 42 hours, he added. To a question about PML-N reservations about appointment of new NAB Chairman Deedar Hussain Shah, the minister said Mr Shah was once the most favourite judge of Nawaz Sharif when the latter was prime minister. He said it was difficult to find persons for high offices acceptable to every one. He said many in this country had reservations about present Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. To a question about the possibility of bringing a new prime minister from within the PPP, he said this option was never under consideration. He said getting a new PM elected from National Assembly could create problems from the PPP. He refuted the impression that army chief had given any list of ministers to the PM and President who were desired to be sacked. He predicted that results of next general elections would depend a lot on how the government managed to control prices of essential commodities. He said he had given a suggestion to the President to import pulses to bring down prices in the local market. To a question, he said President Zardari would not play Sindh card, but surely he would use Watan Card and BISP Card in the coming elections. He said government was considering to enhance the BISP amount from Rs 1, 000 to Rs 2, 000. He believed that both these cards were going to change the state of common man in the days to come. Talking about October 13, the date Supreme Court will resume hearing of the NRO case, Ahmad Mukhtar said, Many people would be disappointed that day. Commenting on future of Musharraf, he said Musharrafs future was bleak, as he had failed to enlist the support of even his once close associates like Chaudhrys of Gujrat. When asked why Chaudhrys did not support their mentor Pervez Musharraf, he said that it was in their nature that they never sided with the losers.