Former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf Saturday said the militant groups, like the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), had not been raised during his tenure and were a product of earlier period. In an exclusive interview to an Indian news channel, NDTV, he denied the involvement of the security establishment in sending the militants across the Line of Control (LOC), but conceded that from Pakistans point of view, the LeT group fighting for the rights of the Kashmiri people. From our point of view, LeT is fighting for the rights of Kashmiris and there is great public support in Pakistan for groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba, said Musharraf, adding that it was not easy to tackle Hafiz Saeed or LeT, also known as Jamaat-ud-Dawa, as it enjoyed widespread backing within different segments of the society. Asked about how close India and Pakistan came during his presidency, in signing onto Kashmir solution, he claimed, We were as close as drafting a final pact for a solution. Final drafts were exchanged through the back channel and Manmohan Singh agreed with my four-point formula. Online adds: In an interview with 'The Week, an Indian publication, Musharraf dubbed his political detractors as 'cowards, termed 'failure of governance, rather than India or Taliban, as the biggest threat to Pakistan. I would say, failure of governance is the greatest threat today, Musharraf remarked. He said the immediate necessity on the ground in Pakistan was a 'functional governance structure free of corruption. Musharraf said the PPP-led current government had failed to govern the country effectively. The PPP government has failed to do so. Nawaz Sharif came to power twice but could not do anything productive because he is actually brainless, Musharraf said. His remarks came amid criticism of the PPP-led government for its inept handling of the catastrophic floods and corruption. Asked if he planned to return to Pakistan, Musharraf said: I will return as soon as elections are announced. In the meantime, I will focus on strengthening the party from here, he said. The next general elections in Pakistan are scheduled for 2013. Musharraf also said he was not perturbed by reports that he will be facing trouble if he returned to Pakistan. Let them do whatever they want to. As far as I am concerned, there are no hindrances for my return when I want to. All those opposing me are cowards and are scared of my return, he said. On Kashmir, Musharraf said the current peace process was heading nowhere. Neither party is giving or getting anything. Pakistan has not done anything creative under the PPP rule. There is no progress as far as key issues like Kashmir is concerned. In fact, situation on the ground has gone out of control even when the peace talks are on. What kind of peace talks is this? he asked. Recalling his initiatives with former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to resolve the Kashmir issue, Musharraf said that Pakistan sought good relations with India. We want good relations with India, but it has to be based on justice and fairness. Kashmir is the primary problem and the improvement in bilateral relations between the two countries depends on the resolution of the Kashmir issue. We want to maintain the pace and hope for an early settlement of all disputes which could turn a new page of peace, understanding and cooperation in South Asia, Musharraf said. He also spoke about Pakistans apprehensions on Indias role in neighbouring Afghanistan. Pakistans security situation gets muddled when India becomes hyper active in Afghanistan, he said. He said Pakistan has taken up this issue with India and the allied forces in Afghanistan repeatedly. India has to prove that its intentions in Afghanistan wont work against the welfare of Pakistan, he said. On the volatile situation in Afghanistan, Musharraf said military measures had delivered 'positive results in the past as far as the Taliban were concerned. But in the last few years, Taliban have conducted several suicide attacks in the heartland of Pakistan. Military action has to create space for political solution. Tough measures were not undertaken on a whim. We tried all options but failed. Now, a mix of soft and tough measures needed to be adopted. If I return to power, the armed forces will be well equipped and maintained. Any misadventure against Pakistan will be thwarted, he said. Asked about US President Barack Obamas upcoming visit to India, Musharraf said, I am not interested in the Indo-US relationship till the time it doesnt involve Pakistan.