I think only two distinguished persons, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and COAS General Kayani can cleanse the Augean Stables of corruption in the country. The present and past political leaders have largely milked the countrys resources in broad daylight. It is for this reason that the masses are expecting the COAS and the Chief Justice to make a difference. One hopes that the culprits of the nation will be given exemplary punishment, irrespective of their status. No NRO beneficiary should be allowed to get scot-free. It is also pertinent that their names should be put on ECL and no one allowed to escape before the start of the trail. Most importantly, the founder of the NRO former General Musharraf must be arrested and put on trial. At the same, time billions of Rupees in the form of loans written off by corrupt regimes should be recovered. The bounty money collected by Musharraf by repatriating hundreds of innocent Pakistanis including Dr Afia Siddique to the US must also be recovered. In this point in time, all of the politicians, who are currently part of the government or have been in the past must be asked to declare their cash and assets they had before assumption of office. The people of Pakistan want a sincere and selfless leadership who could bring an end to Thana culture, all sorts of Mafias and corruption. - CHAND BABU, Lahore, October 8.