Karachi Investigators remain clueless as the suspect bomber reached home, the crime scene was washed after the completion of investigation and shrine handed over to the Auqaf Department on Saturday. According to the reports, suspect bomber Naseeb Ullah Gull went missing for last couple of days and his family suspected him as bomber when they saw the heads of suspect bombers in local TV channels. Police took the Naseeb family into custody when they contacted for the identification of the recovered heads of both bombers and also took the blood samples of the family members for the DNA. But the last hope ended when Naseeb reached home after some six days and his uncle took him before the investigators while police officials released the detained members of the family. A police official privy to the matter when contacted said that it would be premature to say anything to reach the conclusion while suspected that the bombers have used suicidal belts not jackets because of the dimension of pellets. He added that the evidence has been collected from the crime scene and sent for the forensic examination and final report about the nature of blast and material being used in the blast would be unearthed after the examination reports. In reply to a question, he said that both blasts seem suicidal but it would be possible that one suicide bomber exploded the bomb before exploding himself up. Sources further confirmed that arrest of suspect activists of religious outfits in different raids carried by various agencies in different areas including Orangi Town, Baldia, Majeed Colony and Sohrab Goth and were looking for a clue to make out the involvement of any group. The Ghazi shrine cordoned off after the incident by the security forces was handed over to the department of Auqaf and the Auqaf department washed out the crime scene while shrine remains closed for the devotees.