KARACHI Sindh Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Makhdoom Jameel Zaman has criticised the resolution of Punjab Assembly in favour of Kalabagh Dam and termed it big provinces move to derail the democracy. Punjab government should honour the resolution against the Kalabagh Dam passed by three provinces. Sindh will host a meeting of four provincial ministers of IPC departments to get opinion of provinces about the KBD. He was addressing a seminar organised by IPC department of Sindh on the topic of 'Implication of 18th Amendment on the working of the departments and its impact on Inter-Provincial harmony at a local hotel on Saturday. Passing resolution in support of controversial project, which was already rejected by three provinces, Punjab is creating disharmony among the provinces, he said, warning to the Punjab government not to come to Sindh to create consensus for KBD because big province already knew the verdict of three smaller provinces. However, Sindh will host a meetings of IPC departments of all four provinces to get opinion of provinces on this project. He warned, Punjab has to make decision whether it wants federation of Pakistan or Kalabagh Dam. Sindh Minster Makhdoom Jameel, son of PPPs senior vice chairman Makhdoom Amin Fahim, in a threatening tone warned the Punjab government that Sindh will reply to big province in same manner on KBD issue. He said that big province easily gets its rights from centre, but smaller provinces cant get same without uncounted struggle, so the demand of time was that three small provinces should unite on one agenda. Advisor to Chief Minster on Planning and Development Kaisar Bengali in his speech said that 18th amendment is the major tilt of resources and ownership of rights from centre to the provinces. The Sindh province collects 70pc national taxes of country, but it receives nothing in return as Sindhs income was being spent on the federal salary and defence budget, which belongs big province, Punjab, he said, adding that Sindh is also not getting benefit of its two ports, which fall under its jurisdiction. Similarly, Sindh also contributes major share in production of patrol and gas, but its benefit to the province was missing, he said, adding that the inequalities in income distribution caused bitterness among the provinces and disharmony. However, 18th amendment addressed the small provinces problems at greater level; Kaisar Bengali said and added that Islamabad was violating the constitution for last 10 years in form of collecting GST on services, which is provincial subject. Sindh succeeded in getting control of GST on services and other taxes in NFC award, he said, unveiling that bureaucracy was still creating obstacles in the smooth implementation of NFC award. Referring to the 18th amendment, he said that lots of federal subjects will devolve to the provinces next year, but we havent prepared to get control of all the subjects. Former Senator and ruling PPPs provincial General Secretary Taj Hyder said that there is no crisis of electricity, but gas shortage problems are creating problems for Sindh province. The constitution of Pakistan guaranteed that right of ownership of the province where minerals are produced, but gas is being diverted to the other provinces without fulfilling the needs of Sindh, which is violation of constitution, he said. He stressed on Sindh government to establish authority/body to ensure the provinces right in natural resources-gas, patrol and other minerals.