KARACHI - City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has established a special ward for patients affected with dengue and other harmful viruses and contagious diseases. The new 40-bedded ward will be available for admission of patients in any emergency. The new unit was inaugurated by the Provincial Minister for Environment Khalid Umer On Saturday who also met with the patients. MPA Rehan Zafar, MS Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Dr Hamed Zaheer, Dr Saeed Rajput, Prof Waqar Kazmi, Dr Prof Saleemullah, Dr Khurram Danial, Dr Gulnaz, Dr Naz Jameel and other senior professors and doctors were also present on this occasion. A detailed briefing was also given regarding the establishment of new ward at ASH. It was informed that so far 33 patients had been found infected with the dengue virus out of total 102 patients tested in the hospital. Already 8 patients have been recovered and checked out while treatment to remaining 25 patients was underway. A special Cell Separate process has also been started working in the hospital which is first time in the history of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Talking to media representatives on this occasion the Provincial Minister for Environment Khalid Umer said that the former Haq Parast City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal had made Abbasi Shaheed Hospital one of the modem hospitals of city with latest facilities available for patients. The hospital now has the facility for full treatment of almost every disease. He said that this hospital although in past had the facility of treatment of patients infected with dengue virus yet now a special ward has been established here with 40 beds and the number of beds could increase if needed. EDO Health Dr Nasir Javed said that the poor and needy patients could not afford the costly dengue virus treatment in private hospitals of city and that is why this facility has been provided to such needy citizens in Abbasi Shaheed Hosptial without any cost. MS Dr Hamid Zaheer said that the new ward will also be used for emergency. He said that the cell separate arrangements have also been made in the hospital and already more than 6 units have been prepared in just two days.