LAHORE The 34th Swimming Gala and Fancy Dress Show of Crescent Model Higher Secondary School was held here on Saturday with Ali Naveed, Zaroon Ali Khan, Muhammad Faizan and Hafiz Muhammad Umar taking top honours as the best swimmers. However, the most entertaining event of the day was the fancy dress show organised by the junior section of the school that attracted more applause from the chief guest and other guests. The function was started in a traditional style. DCO Lahore Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta was the chief guest who distributed prizes among the winners. Advisor of the school Shaukat Sultan presided over the ceremony while Principal Shakoor Ahmad appreciated the efforts of the participant for the wonderful show of the cutthroat competitions. Among the spectacular scenes of utmost beauty were the participants marvellous qualities of speed and stamina in the swimming contests. The fancy dress show presented in fact stole the show with their bubbling guts and excited spirits. They presented their figures representing cultural variety of the four provinces of Pakistan into one majestic colour. Ali Naveed of higher secondary section, Zaroon Ali Khan of senior section and M Faizan and Hafiz Muhammad Umar of medium section were declared the best swimmers respectively. Tariq House with 70 points, Tipu House with 63 points and Qasim House with 40 points secured first, second and third positions respectively. Zafar House stood first from higher secondary section. List of position holders 25 meters freestyle class-v jr section: M Ali Mohsin (V-A), Umar Elahi (V-C), Imad Hashmi (V-C). 25 meters butterfly (sr section): Zaroon Ali Khan (Tipu House - 10th D), Momin Yaar (Jinnah House - 9th F), Ahmad Ijaz (Amin House - 10th B). 25 meters freestyle (juniors): M Faizan (Qasim House - 7th C), M Gazzal (Tariq House - 7th E, Faraz Nadeem (Iqbal House - 6th A). 25 meters breast stroke (mediums): M Umar (Jinnah House - 8th E), Saad Kamal (Tariq House - 8th F), Abdullah Azhar (Tipu House - 8th G). 25 meters freestyle jr section IV: Ali Hamza Sohail IV B, M Ahmad Misbah IV E, Shehryar Ahmad IV H. 50 meters breast stroke section (senior): Zaroon Ali Khan 10th D (Tipu), Momin Yar 9th E (Jinnah), M Hamza CI-B (Jinnah). 50 meters freestyle: Hafiz M Umar 8 E (Jinnah), Saad Kamal 8F (Tariq), Hassan Shehzad 8 G (Tariq). 50 meters freestyle h/s/s: Salman Akbar Iy-A (Zafar), Ali Naveed IIy-A (Zafar), Bilal Mehmood IIy-F (Liaqat). 25 meters breast stroke class-V jr section: Baseer Ali VC, M Abdullah VB, M Ali Mohsin VA. Ball race (V) jr section: Mubeen Munawwar VB, Ahmad Raza V E, M Musab VF. Tube race (IV) jr section: Shehryar Ahmad IV H, Fahad Asif IV F, Mohib Nadeem IV A. Balloon race (jrs): Fraz Nadeem - 6A (Iqbal), M Faizan - 7C (Qasim), Jamal Mohsin - 6D (Amin). Battle race (med): Hafiz M Umar - 8th E (Jinnah), Saad Kamal - 8F (Tariq), M Hassan Shazal - 8G (Tariq). Candle race (sr): Zaroon Ali Khan (Tipu), Momin Yar - 9th F (Jinnah), Abid Ali - 10th E (Sir Syed). Water polo match was won by secondary section of the school beat higher secondary section by 3-0.